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Scandinavians are known for their warm hospitality, welcoming family and friends into their homes with coffee and baked goods. Drinking coffee is almost the national pastime, and delicious breads and cookies are the perfect accompaniments. “Coffee tables” are a popular means of celebration, loaded with hearty breads, delicate sweets like Desert Sand Cookies, and whipped cream cakes such as Strawberries and Cream Cake. Simple fruit tarts bring the freshness of spring to the festivities. Offering more than forty recipes, Scandinavian Classic Baking covers a wide range of treats, from simple cookies and muffins to elaborate princess cakes. Carefully written directions and attention to detail guarantee success for both novice and experienced bakers. These are recipes to be cherished for generations.

“Pat’s recipes take you to Scandinavia with ease and without a plane ticket. Simple and elegant yet sophisticated.” — George Geary, author of The Complete Baking Cookbook: 350 Recipes from Cookies and Cakes to Muffins and Pies

“I can imagine Scandinavian Classic Baking as a parent’s gift to a daughter or son and passed down along the generations. I’m impressed with the level of detail, instructive rather than intimidating.” — Kim Ode, author of Baking with the St. Paul Bread Club

“Scandinavian cuisine is hot. . . . Edina author Pat Sinclair’s new cookbook covers the foundations of Scandinavian baking, from pulla to aebleskiver.”Minneapolis Star Tribune

About the Author… PAT SINCLAIR is a food consultant in the Twin Cities with decades of experience as a recipe developer. Throughout her career, Sinclair has worked for high-profile corporate clients who target American home cooks and bakers, including Publications International, Ltd.; Land O’Lakes; General Mills; and Pillsbury. She was the recipe editor for two Pillsbury Classics Cookbooks and a Land O’Lakes cookbook. Baking Basics and Beyond, her first cookbook, received the Cordon d’Or Gold Ribbon from the Academy of Culinary Arts. Sinclair was also food editor for Breakfast in Cairo, Dinner in Rome, which was the 2000 Midwest Regional Winner in the prestigious Tabasco Community Cookbook Awards. Sinclair holds a bachelor’s degree in food research from Purdue University and a master’s degree in foods from the University of Maryland. She is a member of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, Les Dames d’Escoffier, and Twin Cities Home Economists in Business. She lives in Edina, Minnesota.

Food photographer Joel Butkowski has been creating award-winning images for more than 20 years. His work has been used by restaurants, grocery chains, and national food brands. He is past president of the Minnesota chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers.

Scandinavian Classic Baking
Hardcover: 96 pages
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1589808975

Posted on Dec 6, 2011


Stretching from the shores of Turkey to the Ionian Sea east of Italy, the Greek islands have been the crossroads of the Mediterranean since the time of Homer. Over the centuries, Phoenicians, Athenians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Venetians, Ottoman Turks, and Italians have ruled the islands, putting their distinctive stamp on the food.

Aglaia Kremezi, a frequent contributor to GOURMET and an international authority on Greek food, spent the past eight years collecting the fresh, uncomplicated recipes of the local women, as well as of fishermen, bakers, and farmers. Like all Mediterranean food, these dishes are light and healthful, simple but never plain, and make extensive use of seasonal produce, fresh herbs, and fish. Passed from generation to generation by word of mouth, most have never before been written down. All translate easily to the American home kitchen: Tomato Patties from Santorini; Spaghetti with Lobster from Kithira; Braised Lamb with Artichokes from Chios; Greens and Potato Stew from Crete; Spinach, Leek, and Fennel Pie from Skopelos; Rolled Baklava from Kos. Illustrated throughout with color photographs of the islanders preparing their specialties and filled with stories of island history and customs, THE FOODS OF THE GREEK ISLANDS is for all cooks and travelers who want to experience this diverse and deeply rooted cuisine firsthand.

About… AGLAIA KREMEZI is an internationally known expert on Greek cuisine and author of The Foods of Greece, which won the Julia Child Award from the International Association of Culinary Professionals for the best first cookbook. She has lectured around the world about Greek and Mediterranean food and runs a widely respected cooking school on the Greek island of Kea.

The Foods of the Greek Islands: Cooking and Culture at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean
* Hardcover: 312 pages
* Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 0395982111
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Inside Maida Heatter’s Cookies — now available for the first time in paperback–the “Queen of Desserts” offers 225 classic cookie recipes for drop cookies, bar cookies, icebox cookies, rolled cookies, hand-formed cookies, dessert crackers, ice creams, sauces, and more, accompanied by two-color, line-drawn illustrated pages. This classic cookie collection is certain to inspire a new generation of bakers with its timeless, flavorful recipes that are as delightful to create as they are to taste and enjoy.

About… MAIDA HEATTER, a.k.a. “the Queen of Desserts,” is the author of nine classic dessert cookbooks, including the New York Times best-seller and James Beard Award-winning Maida Heatter’s Book of Great Desserts. She is a member of the James Beard Foundation Hall of Fame, has been named to Cook’s Magazine’s Who’s Who in Cooking, and was one of the first people inducted into the Chocolatier Hall of Fame. She continues to bake joyfully from her home in Florida.

Maida Heatter’s Cookies
* Paperback: 336 pages
* Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1449401155


Posted on Dec 6, 2011


Warm up the holidays with these cheery cookie recipes. A cookie collection packed with holiday cheer! Offering more than 200 irresistible recipes for every flavor, from simple drop cookies to bars, brownies, and more, Very Merry Cookies is the perfect cookie compendium for baking enthusiasts and novices alike. Filled with hardworking essentials, like Make Ahead and storage directions for every recipe, this festive collection delivers tasty tidbits on decorating and homemade gifts. Chapters are organized by flavor, with ideas to satisfy every palate, from coconut creations and ooey, gooey caramel treats to rich dark chocolate sensations. The book covers the entire range of holiday cookies, including decorated cookies, drop cookies, slice and bakes, shaped cookies, cut-outs, sandwich cookies, and even tiny tarts.

Inside you’ll find:
* Easy-to-follow recipes for cookies of every kind and flavor, such as Almond Shortbread Wedges, Giant Coconut Macaroons, Peanut Butter and Toffee Bars, Triple Chocolate and Espresso Brownies, Lemon Tarts, and Red Velvet Whoopie Pies.
* Handy baking tips that ensure perfect cookies every time.
* A simple organization by flavor of the season, letting you easily find chocolate treats, peppermint bites, or caramel delights.
* “Santa’s Little Helper” icons that highlight recipes suitable for kids to assist you
* Make-ahead directions and storage recommendations for every recipe.

Better Homes and Gardens Very Merry Cookies makes baking holiday treats fun and easy. This collection is packed with magical inspiration and tried-and-true traditional cookies, creative ideas for sharing cookie gifts, and hints to ensure cookie perfection—everything you need to make baking a cherished part of this festive season.

Better Homes & Gardens Very Merry Cookies
* Paperback: 256 pages
* Publisher: Wiley
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1118016033

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Posted on Dec 6, 2011


A beautifully crafted cookie is a work of art and beloved by all. Still-warm cookies fresh from the oven are irresistibly enticing but decorating the treats doubles the fun. Whether it’s a cookie exchange, holiday gathering, or Mother’s Day tea, decorated cookies are a sweet and memorable addition to any special occasion.

The Art of Cookie presents over 40 delectable recipes and inspiring decorating ideas. With a focus on transforming a simple cookie into a masterpiece, each recipe promises both exceptional flavor and visual appeal. The cookie recipes are divided into two main chapters. The first offers favorite and versatile roll-and-cut dough recipes, such as brown sugar cookies and gingerbread, followed by clever, yet simple ideas for decorating them: vibrant vanilla-sugar flowers; alphabet shapes flooded with icing and sprinkled with colorful sugars; and petits-fours stacked to resemble a miniature wedding cake. The second chapter includes classics with a modern twist, such as sparkly macarons; wreath-shaped sugar cookies baked with lemon and thyme and decorated with icing ornaments; and striped cookies that taste and look like peppermint sticks. Recipes for various fillings to use with many of the cookies round out the collection.

Packed with gorgeous colorful photographs, this book has all the encouragement and know-how you’ll need to create artful cookies that look as if they were purchased from a pastry shop.

SHELLY KALDUNSKI (Santa Rosa, CA) is a Northern California–based food stylist, culinary teacher, and expert in all things sweet. As a pastry chef, Shelly worked in restaurants in San Francisco before becoming a food editor at Martha Stewart Living. She was the food stylist for and contributor to Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook and is the author of Sweet Scoops and Ice Pops.

The Art of the Cookie: Baking Up Inspiration by the Dozen
* Hardcover: 128 pages
* Publisher: Weldon Owen
* Language: English
* ISBN-10: 1616280352

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Posted on Dec 5, 2011

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