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WHAT… Loveless Cafe Old-Fashioned Blackberry Preserves… Back in 1951 Annie Loveless first cooked up a batch of these delicious preserves, and never stopped making them with the same time-honored recipe of just fruit, sugar and hours of cookin’ and stirrin’!

* All natural Blackberry Preserves.
* Made with whole juicy Marion blackberries, pure cane sugar, and lots of love.
* Spread on biscuits, croissants, French bread, or use as a dessert topping or delicious glaze for pork, chicken and salmon.
* Made in USA.


Posted on Oct 16, 2011


WHAT… Ticings™ are thin gluten-free sheets of edible icing printed with contemporary designs using food-grade inks applied to fresh frosted cupcakes, cakes, cookies and brownies. Just peel and press to give your cakes and frosted desserts refine decorations in minutes!

* Easy to use.
* Gluten-free.
* Ticings™ take on the flavor of the frosting on cake, brownie or cookie.
* Dot-free, photo-quality designs offer instant originality.
* Ticings™ have a smooth texture and are easy to cut or bite through.
* Made in USA.


Posted on Jul 26, 2011


WHAT… Cold Molds™ pop molds

WHO… The Cold Molds™ line of flexible, silicone molds were originally developed by Russ L’Hommedieu, owner of “Pirate’s Cove Ice Cream”, in Southold, NY. Russ sold the Cold Molds™ company to Steve Reppucci, of Mad Maggie’s Ice Cream. Cold Molds™ now has the space to grow, along with a new owner who’s a fervent fan of the Cold Molds™ products, and ready to help other ice cream shop owners learn how the Cold Molds™ products can help them make their stores more profitable.

* The large opening on the surface of these molds makes it easy to pour thick, creamy mixtures.
* Cold Molds™ are manufactured using pure silicon rubber, and are specially designed to freeze “soft” so that removing frozen cakes or popsicles are exceptionally easy!
* Cold Molds™ are practically indestructible. As long as you don’t cut or puncture them, you will find that they last forever. Long after you’ve tossed away those old metal molds that will dent, tarnish, break, etc, your Cold Molds™ will still look like new.


Posted on Jun 15, 2010


THE HISTORIC WESTIN ST. FRANCIS PROUDLY PRESENTS SAN FRANCISCO’S LARGEST HOLIDAY EDIBLE CASTLE! Created By Executive Pastry Chef Jean Francois Houdré. The castle will be on display from November 28 to January 2, 2009. The Westin St. Francis Executive Pastry Chef, Jean-François Houdré, aka “King of the Castle,” diligently worked day and night perfecting his signature 12-feet rotating holiday Sugar Castle, you can see this amazing castle in the Tower Lobby of The Westin St. Francis, in San Francisco.

Originally created in 2005, this magnificent Sugar Castle continually grows larger and more spectacular each year. Resembling a French Chateau, Chef Houdre was inspired while traveling around the southwestern region of France. The 100% edible castle is made of pastillage (a combination of powdered sugar, egg whites and gelatin dough), gingerbread, sugar, molasses, flour and candy. Weighing over 1200 pounds, this magical castle features more than 20 grand circular towers, approximately 30 rooms, illuminated windows, and is surrounded by a quaint village and a running train.

“The creation of the Sugar Castle is truly a labor of love,” says Chef Houdré. “Each year, I begin working on it two months in advance, adding more special touches and details each time. This year’s version promises to be the best yet!”

The inspiration to create this one-of-a-kind, grandiose Sugar Castle came from Chef Houdré’s trip to Europe with his family in 2005. While traveling around Bordeaux, the Houdré family visited many remarkable châteaux, particularly Mont Saint Michel and La Cité de Carcassonne, which is one of Europe’s most complete examples of a fortified abbey.

As the Houdré family toured these extravagant castles, his son Henri, age ten, and his daughter, Claudia, age eight, were able to experience an earlier time when royalty once occupied these magnificent castles centuries ago. From that experience, the children were able to convince their father that he must build a sugar castle at The Westin St. Francis to rival the royal castles in France and display it for children to visit during the holiday season.

So, after…70 pounds of gingerbread,
130 pounds of pastillage (Powder sugar egg white and gelatin dough),
40 pounds of pulled and bubble sugar,
Royal icing made of 300 pounds of sugar and egg whites,
40 pounds of molasses,
60 pounds of flour,
100 pounds of assorted Christmas Candy,
And, 360 hours of many, many, hard work…

Tah-dah…Here it is…!!!


About… The Westin St. Francis
Opened more than a century ago on March 21, 1904, The Westin St. Francis still today maintains its preeminence as San Francisco’s center of social, theatrical and business life. Renowned for luxury accommodations and excellent service, The Westin St. Francis continues to preserve its rich history and elegance while enhancing the guest experience with fresh, innovative concepts. The only hotel located on San Francisco famous Union Square, The Westin St. Francis is just steps from world class shopping, dining, theatres and art galleries. For reservations and more information, call (415) 397-7000, toll free (800) 917-7458 or visit

Posted on Jul 28, 2009


michael-laiskonisMichael Laiskonis was initially trained in visual arts at Wayne State University and started baking professionally, without a formal culinary degree, while in college working in a friend’s bakery. He then moved on to work as both Pastry Chef and Sous Chef under Rick Halberg at Emily’s. In 1997, he joined the critically acclaimed Tribute starting as a line cook for Takashi Yagihashi. He became Tribute’s pastry chef in 1999, where for the next five years he honed his skills as pastry chef. Since 2004 he has been the executive pastry chef at Le Bernardin, 3-Michelin star restaurant, working under Eric Ripert and Maguy Le Coze. Now Laiskonis has found an ideal venue where he can express his interests in the arts, architecture, and science through the alchemy of his innovative dessert-making. In the midst of his busy schedule he still find time to purse his other passions: art, music, film, and photography. Visit Laiskonis’ blog, Notes From the Kitchen.

Laiskonis’ recipe, The Egg, has been featured in the second issue of Desserts Magazine

Posted on Apr 21, 2008

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