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I love Nutella! Nutella is one of those things that I eat it on its own, it’s so delicious — but paired with bananas and pressed between two slices of buttered brioche… It’s out of this world! It the perfect no-bake dessert for an afternoon snack or brunch… I sometimes have it for breakfast… Watch and see how super easy it is to make it.

Banana Nutella Panini
Makes 2 servings

You’ll need: a small skillet or a panini press

2 slices whole-wheat bread, crusts removed
1-1/2 teaspoons butter
1 Tablespoon chocolate hazelnut spread, or to taste
1/2 banana, thinly sliced lengthwise

*** For directions watch the video.

Got bananas? Try this…

banana nutella panini

Banana Whoopie Pies

Posted on Mar 18, 2014

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