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WHAT… Cold Molds™ pop molds

WHO… The Cold Molds™ line of flexible, silicone molds were originally developed by Russ L’Hommedieu, owner of “Pirate’s Cove Ice Cream”, in Southold, NY. Russ sold the Cold Molds™ company to Steve Reppucci, of Mad Maggie’s Ice Cream. Cold Molds™ now has the space to grow, along with a new owner who’s a fervent fan of the Cold Molds™ products, and ready to help other ice cream shop owners learn how the Cold Molds™ products can help them make their stores more profitable.

* The large opening on the surface of these molds makes it easy to pour thick, creamy mixtures.
* Cold Molds™ are manufactured using pure silicon rubber, and are specially designed to freeze “soft” so that removing frozen cakes or popsicles are exceptionally easy!
* Cold Molds™ are practically indestructible. As long as you don’t cut or puncture them, you will find that they last forever. Long after you’ve tossed away those old metal molds that will dent, tarnish, break, etc, your Cold Molds™ will still look like new.


Posted on Jun 15, 2010

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